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Photo equipment


A photographer's main tool is his camera! The rest of the equipment is selected for the camera and depends on the specific shooting.

I'm not going to advertise a brand here, it's just so historic that I have Canon

(this story is described here)but Nikon's image quality is no different. The price for a similar level of the device is also the same. Design differences only. What I immediately remembered is the difference in the ergonomics of the camera itself - buttons with the same functions are perfectly located in the opposite place. And the focal length ring should be rotated in the opposite direction. That is, if you want to zoom in on Canon, you turn the ring anti-clockwise, and in Nikon the opposite - clockwise. If you are used to one camera, then it is not convenient to switch to another camera as intended ...

So again I will write here my point of view and what I use specifically!


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