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The workshop is the same mysterious place where models are born. And I will gladly show the processes of construction, share the secrets, I'll tell you what difficulties can be encountered at different stages of creating large copies ...




Where is the best place to set up a workshop?

Workshop function is a place where it is possible to saw, cut, drill, that is, to carry out work that is difficult to do in a dwelling without arranging then major cleaning. This is a conclusion drawn from my own experience. My first workshop started at a regular desk and was limited to just a rug and a bunch of jars of glue and paint. Over time, there was also a boring machine, with which I started running on the balcony when something had to be sanded or drilled, but this became impossible in the rush and very delayed the process of building models. Even the lack of your own workshop causes you to get acquainted with the modelers in your hometown and sometimes when you really need to cut or sand something, you are looking for an excuse to visit the workshop, but it is also not convenient because the owner must also have free time at the same time when need...

So at one point, I decided it was time to have my own workshop. The question is where to arrange?

1. Living in a small studio apartment - I decided to do my first real workshop on the balcony. This meant a complete replacement of all the windows and a balcony insulation so that it would be comfortable to work there in the winter.

2. The second, already large workshop of 25 square meters, I arranged to move to live in a man's house, where there is not enough space not only to build ships, but also to place them in large windows in the library or in the guest room.

Now I want to share my own experience and experience, where better or more comfortable. But I can definitely say that it doesn't matter where the workshop is located (in a garage, on a balcony, in a separate room or in a shed built on a site separately from the house), it is important to have the desire to create beautiful things with your own hands, not to philosophize "if I had a big one I would be a workshop ... or as if it were a super machine ... or I still need additional equipment ... ". I think it is better to do what is real to do now rather than dream of the future. That is why I have been building model sets for quite a while, because it was an affordable feature for me with minimal workshop equipment, and now I have more opportunities, so I am expanding my horizons and building serious projects ...

Workshop on the balcony

How to equip a workshop on the balcony? How to use each corner of a small room more ergonomically? But how to make a room comfortable in the winter without the need for additional heating devices? All these questions came up when I decided to do my first workshop on the balcony ...

Great workshop at home

A real big workshop, I arranged to move to live in my husband's house. To do this, I selected a room where my husband kept sails from his yacht in the winter and turned it into a shipyard of 25 square meters ...