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Archive of my ship models.


Pinky schooner


Pinky schooner GLFD TIDINGS (1937) - Originating in 16th century Europe, the Pinky received its name from its uplifted, narrow, or pinked stern. These sturdy, seaworthy craft ruled the New England fishing industry from 1815 to 1840. Because of their stability and grace, many pinky schooners were built as pleasure boats in the late 1900s.


Schooner COLUMBIA - 1923

Schooner Columbia (1923) - риболовецька шхуна в М 1:640 побудована в пляшці. Це моя перша мініатюра, будівництво якої тривало 3 місяці. Модель була закоркована 26 лютого 2020 року і зараз знаходиться в приватній колекції ...


H.M.S. VICTORY – 1765

HMS Victory (1765) - 104-гарматний лінійний корабель першого рангу Королівського флоту Великобританії. Закладено 23 липня 1759 року спущений на воду 7 травня 1765 року. Брав участь у багатьох морських боях, в тому числі і в Трафальгарській битві, під час якого на його борту був смертельно поранений адмірал Нельсон...


H.M.A.V. Bounty – 1787

H.M.A.V. Bounty (His Majesty's Arms Merchant "Bounty") is a three-masts ship with a total tonnage of 215 tons. Under William Bly's command, he had to bring bread seedlings from the Tahitian paradise islands and bring them to Jamaica's plantations. But there was a rebellion on the ship that incited Fletcher Christian and seized the ship ...



A research vessel known under the command of Vitus Bering exploring Alaska. The boat was laid and launched in 1728 ...


French clinker boat - 18th c.

French boat with clinker cladding. These were used to equip the ships - they can be seen in J.Boudriot's drawings on the decks of French vessels, such as the La Cerf cutter (1779-1780) or the La Salamandre bomber ketch (1752) ...


The section of San Giovanni Batista - 1668

Section, namely the main mast, was built complete with the same craft from Deagostini magazine. This is the section of my first model ship, so it is of particular importance to me ...

903-общий вид.jpg

The first model of the galleon San Giovanni Battista - 1668

Today I look at this model with a smile and as a historical event that has turned my life around. Now I build models of boats according to drawings and with historical certainty. They would not have been without this first little awkward but such an incredible sailboat of a fictional galleon ...

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