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I'll tell you a little about myself:

     As far as I remember I photographed everything that was happening around me all the time. I would like to have a chronicle of all the events ...

     My dad was a photographer and I'm sorry I do not remember his face, because in my childhood memories he holds the camera around by photographing me. And how did I envy when my elder cousin boasted with his black-and-white ZENIT film camera with manual focus, that it was a joy of pleasure when he handed this device to photograph him. But knowing my dream - my grandfather and grandmother gave me the first photo card with a Kodak color film. It was so-called soap, but my own. Then another Fujifilm camera was given to me by the sponsor of my school in the 9th grade for a good study. But even then the era of digital cameras began. And from the first earnings in the summer on vacations - I bought a digital camera Canon, then one more. And each of them was always with me, I did not go out without a camera. And the first models in the process of construction are captured very detailed at each stage. It is thanks to this love of photography that I can now tell, show, and most importantly share experiences. Ship modeling began in 2010, when the magazine "Great sailboats" with details of theoretically Spanish galleon went on sale. And I decided that it was finally time to try, if I did not go out, I would be able to leave magazines at any time. And so my ship-model life began. 


     Prior to that, I only embroidered sails and dreamed of a real model. Therefore, I decided not to lose the chance - to make another dream. You can see the photo-process of my first sailboat here and look into the archive of the constructed sailboats.

When I visited exhibitions and competitions on ship modeling, I photographed them without missing any model. So when I switch to a mirror camera it was a matter of time. When I wanted to make a portfolio of my own models, and to hire a studio and a photographer, while I myself very much like to do this, somehow it was just strange. So, 2015, the first mirror camera appeared and a new stage of development began. This enthusiasm has grown into a profession. I went to courses, workshops and various photo tours and this helped me understand what kind of instrument I have in my hands. And when I knew for sure that my greatest passion was the ships, models, and archaeological sites associated with them - this is my direction of development as a photographer. So in 2017 I sold all my photographic equipment. And I bought a full-frame camera, of course, Canon and related equipment to it. So two dreams are tightly intertwined and began to coexist together ...​

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