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Sales of completed ship models and commission a model:


You can purchase pre-made models or order commission model by contacting me to discuss the type, scale and timing of construction...

The fastest way to build a model of course, to order its construction from a ready-made commercial kit. The time and cost will depend on the number of changes made to the standard kit and on the production of additional items to bring the model to historical copy. Of course this option is cheap but you will get a similar model to the original.

The most historically accurate copy can be made completely individually using drawings and archival documentation and vessel information. In this case, the construction process can take three times longer, as it is necessary to carry out additional research and develop detailed drawings before construction begins. Accordingly, the cost of such work ranges from $ 400-500 per month. And the model is built from 3 years, and an average of 5-6 years, depending on the complexity and availability of carvings and scenery ...


Мain mast

Scale 1:50

Section of the Spanish galleon, namely the largest mast of the vessel. Made of wood based on a kit ...

In stock

$ 300


Glad Tidings - 1937.

M 1:24

 The model was built from a KIT with the addition of expensive wood and non-ferrous metals. Scratch made the rigging and the sails...

In stock

$ 3800


Bounty - 1787

Scale 1:45

A British merchant vessel

can be made of wood individually

by drawings or on the basis of a commercial kit ...

Prices from if based on a kit

$ 6000



Scale 1:84

Admiral Nelson's flagship, a vessel made of wood based on a commercial kit ...

Prices from if based on a kit

$ 10 000


Boat - 18th c.

Scale 1:48

French boat made of wood by drawings ...

In stock

$ 200


PINTA - 1492.

M 1:65

Pinta - caravel which was one of three Columbus's flotilla ships when he discovered America in 1492...

In stock

$ 2050


St. Gabriel - 1728

Scale 1:72

Research vessel made of wood based on commercial kit ...

Prices from if based on a kit

$ 1200




M 1:640

Model in a bottle of the fishing schooner Columbia (1923), built from her drawings on a wooden stand ...

Custom order

$ 700

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