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Shipmodeler - Photographer

The fact that from childhood remains unchanged - it's love for horses. My grandfather taught me to ride above before I started walking. And so it was in life that several times I was saved by horses. Stretched out from terrible depression and returned to life. So when it became a question of redeeming an unnecessary foal to anyone, it would be slaughtered and transformed into sausage. I could not walk past and redeemed it. Although I heard in my back, as I was shouting "Why do you mind this foul foal, buy better for this money than good sports ..." But now I will answer for what - the red rose and became a chic horse, cool and fire to jump for for


me. Sometimes it seems that he understands everything as if he knows what is due to my life and that's why now he is grateful for his actions by horse. When the horse appeared, I even disappeared a passionate desire to do an athlete from him, beat my own records. We jump with him and stand up for competitions but in entertainment. If there is a competition, then up to 1.0 m high, if the mileage is not more than 40-50 km distance. This is something that physically reinforces each horse but without thereby transforming the animal into a projectile to achieve tight records. The horse for me in the first place for the soul - this is my partner for travel, we often take part in equestrian tourism and hikes and horse sports orienteering ...

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