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Do we need a photo studio?

For photo sessions, I have my own photo studio at home, although very often I have to rent local studios depending on where the object of photography is located. For catalog shooting, this is an ideal option for quickly obtaining high-quality photo material.


Although I actually prefer to shoot with natural light from a window or with one light source to create three-dimensional art photos, instead of flat shots from a lightbox in the studio...


The arsenal of photo equipment that I use is capable of creating quality content for both websites and social networks, as well as for professional full-format publishing houses, banner and poster printing.





My job costs $60/hour with a minimum order of 3 hours. An away photo session is discussed individually in each case.


Photo editing:

Usually, the result of each shooting is from 50 photos. The entire photo shoot is subject to batch processing, as all images are captured in RAW format (electronic file) and require development, as was once done for shooting with film...



I retouch 10-12 of the best photos. It can be both correction (cleaning unwanted details from pictures) and deep art retouching with color correction. This is included in the price of each photo session.


For an additional fee, $10 for each photo, I can retouch more photos as the client wishes.

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