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Do we need a photo studio?

I think this question is posed to everyone whose camera has become an integral part of life. But that does not mean that you have to run away and buy equipment for your own studio right away. Someone will say that he has enough home window, and someone has little space in the rented premises. I will share my experience, based on my specific work. I shoot large-scale copies of ships, real ships and boats, museum artifacts and archaeological finds. Including and reportage shooting on the same topic ...




Photo equipment:

Arsenal of photo equipment, which will be useful in such photo shootings, as it is selected and used under different conditions. Or how to rent a photo studio and the necessary equipment ...


Photo processing:

The question is how to process or retouch the photos. Should I do this with all the images and how to do it correctly - without shrinking the frame. Is it better to leave in the original form, performing minimal technical and cosmetic changes (overflowing horizon, red eyes, dust) without touching the transfer of colors ...


Working in Photoshop:

This is an extraordinary photo processing tool, which can both correct the defects in the photo and completely change the original image to the unrecognizability. Therefore, here I will share my favorite methods of work in this program and how you can achieve the same result ...

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