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Grand opening of competitions.

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Deck details.

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Exhibition of models from a private collection (out of competition).


Kiev and the region - Alexander Ostashevsky, Vinnytsia region - Evgeny Melnikov and Odessa region - Vladimir Goshko.

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Ukrainian Championship of Class C - Vinnytsia 2017


May 10-15, 2017 in Vinnitsa hosted the Unoyen Championship in bench modeling section "C".

The grand opening of the competition, and the incredible number of models fascinated by their variety in epochs, types and scales. This year our masters were able to impress with their skill and high quality of work. Once upon a time in sailing shipping, before the ship was built, the masters of the ship made an exact copy of the future sailboat, with full ballast planning and placement, and only after testing could a real ship be built.

To date, this profession has changed little, only the emergence of innovative tools and mini-machines, without which it is difficult to imagine the reproduction of miniature copies, but at that time specialists somehow skillfully performed fine processing of wood and metal ...

For the first time, Vinnytsia accepts and conducts such competitions. Benchmarking, abbreviated to section "C". Until recently, it included seven classes, and from 1016 another class C-8 officially appeared. More precisely, in Ukraine and in other countries of the world, "home championships" in this class have always been highly competitive - but officially included in the statute of the International Federation of Naval Sports NAVIGA only from 2016 and the first World Championship held in Kaliningrad (Russian Federation) - in eight grades:

C-1 - models of rowing and rowing vessels;

C-2 - models of ships with screw;

C-3 A ... D - models of installations, parts of ships, port equipment, ship's equipment and scenarios in diarrhea views;

C-4 A ... D - miniature class models from C-1 to C-3 on a scale of 1: 250 or less;

C-5 - models in bottles;

C-6 - plastic models of ships;

C-7 - cardboard and paper models of ships;

C-8 - Wood craft models are made on the basis of commercially available kits.

The maximum rating of the model determined by the Refereeing Team is 100 points. Therefore, there were several gold, silver or bronze medals in one class. And already in the overall standings of teams - leaders were determined, team captains received memorable cups.

The first place was taken by Kyiv and the region, the second place remained in Vinnitsa region and the third place went to the Odessa region.

During the competition, more than fifty models were considered, the drawings were checked and the additions and refinements of the starting materials were simplified or confirmed. This can be said to be the training before the European Championship, which will be held in Bulgaria this year in the town of Kavarna. Speaking to the President of the Federation of Ship-Modeling Sports of Ukraine, Demidenko Serhiy Stepanovich - honestly admitted: "I want to see more new faces and more new models at such events. More support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine ..." and wished our athletes: "It is worthy to represent your country at the European Championship in Bulgaria. " So you want to wish all the real artists in this business the inspiration and more free time to research and build historic, accurate copies of the ships.

I would also like to thank the Ministry of Defense for their support in organizing and conducting the competition for promoting and providing competition facilities in the city center - in the Officers' House. Technical support was also provided by the TSO of Ukraine.

The hard work of the panel of judges.

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