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When building models, I often compare them to modern sailboats, what equipment, hull strokes and often check in practice how a sailboat is propelled. So my coverage is mainly about events on the water, and sometimes exhibitions on land. results in loss of speed or even overturning of the ship ...

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Powerboat Championship of Ukraine - 2018

Cup of Ukraine of powerboat sports - Kiev 2018 on the river Desenka (Chortoriy). Championship between motor boat owners with engines of different classes ...


The Sailing Championship of Ukraine - September 15-17, 2017

It is very unusual to see a large regatta of the "Sailing Championship of Ukraine" near models of copies of "M" class when real yachts and models of yachts compete ...


Ukrainian Powerboat Championship - 2017

Cup of Ukraine of water-motor sports - Kiev July 29, 2017.
Driven, spacious and a bit extreme. Impressed ...

Sailboats - 2017
Powerboat - 2017
Powerboat - 2018

Photographer - Shipmodeler

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