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My name is Olya and I love stopping time. I do it with my camera ...

Especially inspired by beautiful and unusual things, unique moments from life and natural whims - making the world around us interesting and diverse. And I can freeze every such moment, capturing the event in the photo.




Reportage photo:

Sports events, exhibitions, contests, test drives, solemn meetings - shooting with dynamically developing events or a plot of everyday life - this may be a chronological photo report or a series of photos, and sometimes just one frame that reflects the entire essence of the event. Therefore, the lens of my camera never closes and all the time snatches frames from the general flow of information ...

! IMG_5748.jpg

Subject photography (Exhibitions):

Catalogs, booklets, menus, collection manuals, photos of real estate and interiors, artistic photography, whether clothing, food, jewelry or antiques, all that is necessary to demonstrate qualitatively on promotional photos is the subject photography, which is the basis of marketing communications ...


Documentary photo:

Creates the necessary idea of the appearance of an object or its parts. First and foremost, it consists of a true and accurate representation of the shape of the object of filming, decoration, sculptures and decoration elements ...

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