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Secrets and Tips:

I wanted to gather all my secrets and tips in one place. It is those who ask the most, as what I do and what materials I use. Sometimes even some of the simplest things, someone seems difficult to manufacture. I will try to show how complex knots can be broken into parts that are already much easier to do ...




Blacking of brass:

The metal that most modelers make from all metal fasteners, mechanisms and finishes is brass. Because it is easy to process and we have a wide choice in the market for this metal in the form of wire, tubes, plates and wires. So is there a need to make this shiny gold metal black? This can only be achieved by chemical means ...


Production of clinker boats:

This is a model for a model that also needs a lot of attention. Boats occupy the center of the deck of the vessel and should look like they are true to their scale, so the details are made thinner and more fragile. I'll show you how to make them beautiful and easy. At least the look will be like the real ...


Painting and tinting:

How to choose a finish for the protection of the model? How to tint the wood and is it even necessary to do it? Every model builder encounters these questions. Having spent no small amount of time on building a model, one could destroy all the work with a single wrong stroke of the brush. 


Vocabulary of

ship's terms:

A lot of literature is published in English and so I am constantly looking for a translation of ship's terms, so I decided to create a small vocabulary, maybe someone else will need such ...

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