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Workshop on the balcony

How to equip a workshop on the balcony? How to use each corner of a small room more ergonomically? But how to make a room comfortable in the winter without the need for additional heating devices? All these questions came up when I decided to do my first workshop on the balcony. I will say right away that it is a very expensive adventure but worth it. My balcony had to be almost completely broken down and remade. It is long but has to be narrowed down, which makes it completely functional, so I decided to expand the room a little and make a 40 cm window sill:


Take-out windowsill, which means the installation of new windows in the apartment and double glazing on the balcony. Also, insulation of the entire balcony - I made double, first exterior insulation of the facade and the bottom of the balcony, because it is the first floor, and then before the paneling wooden lining additionally made insulation and from the inside. Extending the balcony to the left and right required the installation of a new wall, and the gas pipe was a serious obstacle (because it was on the first floor balconies along there is a gas

pipeline around the perimeter of the house, I will just keep quiet about those who did the project of this house. Against the backdrop of the pipe, the rest of the communications did not cause any problems at all (air conditioning connection). To ensure a comfortable temperature in the workshop, I decided to make a heated floor, but thought that it would be small enough and was preparing to put an extra UFO, but it turned out that this is enough to keep the balcony doors closed all winter ...

I also arranged a white laminate on the floor, hoping that it would be easier to look for loose parts that are constantly falling and have to look longer than to install)))) and oddly enough, it worked. Indeed, the smallest bolt or 2mm block is immediately visible on the white floor. Of course, lighting appeared on the balcony - two ice panels and sockets. I made two sockets under a narrow window sill on the side of the room (this will be a desktop) and two sockets over a wide table that is made at the level of a window sill on the side of the street. Although then I calculated that it was enough and there was still at least 2 to do, but I have an extender ...


And my favorite part of the workshop is the shelves, I love when every thing has its place and I always know where to find it. Therefore, the more shelves the better. Although the left side of the balcony, I had to sacrifice my mother, as it was a condition in which I could build a workshop on the balcony, but I'm still satisfied - now I finally have a place where I can create dust, sawdust, chips and not grab at once a vacuum cleaner because all that chicken gets on the furniture in the room. The most difficult to install furniture was to catch


all the corners on the windowsill, because there was no humble 90 degree angle. But finding a good cabinetmaker is not a problem. In the end, the overhaul was completed and I finally got the dream job.

After the shipyard in the perimeter of my desktop - here seemed to me a whole space, unlimited maneuverability. But of course, the installation of mast and rigging on large models will be carried out on the table in the room, because from the balcony to make a large model is not real, if it is longer than 1 m. But this is no longer a problem ...

That's how I got my first workshop and my own space for creativity, even in a small one-room apartment. I hope this information and my experience will be useful to you, follow the news on my blog or YouTube channel ...

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