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Caravel PINTA (1492)

132-display case.jpg

Display case: 545x465x315 mm (LxHxW)

Size of the model: 480x370x230 mm (LxHxW)

Scale: M1:65

Material: wood, metals, textile

Time: 960 man/hours

Price: $ 2050

      Pinta was a caravel and one of Columbus’ three ships when he discovered America in 1492...

     The model was built from a KIT by the Italian manufacturer Amati the addition of American walnut. Completely replaced the blocks and scratch made the rigging. Particular attention is drawn to the sails, which are individually sewn according to the drawings from very thin cloth. Which makes them realistic at this scale... 800 hours were spent on building of the model.
     The model can also be scratch-built, which will increase the construction time and consequently - the price...

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