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Shallop of the XVI-XVII centuries. 


Size: 400x310x195 mm (LxHxW), with the display case

Scale: M1:32

Material: wood, metals, textile

Time: 520 man/hours

Price: $ 1550

         The model was built from a commercial KIT of the Ukrainian manufacturer Ships of Pavel Nikitin with modifications and correction of mistake in the rigging. The model is mainly made of beech and alder. Completely replaced ropes and sails. 520 hours were spent on the building of this model.

      The boat can also be made entirely according to drawings from expensive types of wood (pear, boxwood, holly), which will increase the ptime of its manufacture and cost...

      The inspiration for the building of this boat was the story of the acquaintance of the famous explorer Captain John Smith with the Indian princess Pocahontas. During his expedition in 1608, in such a small shallop with a crew of 14 men, he set out to explore the Chesapeake Bay in order to map it. Records and sketches of this trip were described in some detail in the diaries of Captain John Smith. Unfortunately, he did not describe his boat in detail. They were usually 25 to 45 feet long and could use sails and oars. Such boats played a significant role in the survival and development of the first settlements in the New World...

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