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Another machine without which it is impossible to do large-scale ropes of the left or right scroll. My machine is made individually, to order. With the ability to twist in three or four (with a core) thread, like real ship ropes.

It consists of a main unit with an engine and switches, where the main spinners (two, three or four with a core) are engaged, depending on which cable is to be obtained. The central core hook is not movable and does not rotate like the rest. And the second block consists of an engine and only one rotating hook. The rotary control knob is mounted on the main body and switches the two engines synchronously, although the motors themselves can operate separately. Complement the set are two wooden boats. 2 and 3 strands and 4 core strands.


That is, the principle of operation is as follows:

- choose the direction of the cable twisting with the help of a toggle switch;

- connect the engine to the main body while placing the shuttle and dividing the spinners so that they do not get tangled. Depending on the diameter, the winding time will be different (determined by the experiment);

- to connect the second engine (the switch remains one and simultaneously switches on and off one of two or both engines, depending on which of them are activated);

- twisting the handle of the shuttle twists the rope. In order to remove excess torque, you can switch off the main engine and switch the second to the opposite direction to unwind the already finished rope from the other end. To remove it from the hooks, it did not get confused and did not take knots from the extra inertia of rotation ...


It looks like a real ship rope. Only in scale and with electric drive. You can rotate to the left or right and with a variety of spinning wheels. I on my machine can get cables with a diameter of 0.14 mm and then in increments of 0.05 mm. Because I use the thinnest threads (so-called overlock threads) without texture, which are not initially twisted at all - or as they are called mono-threads.

In my workshop, I found myself able to mount a shelf length of 5.4 m at the height of the bar counter, so that I could conveniently reel the threads for the rope and all the time had access to rotate the threads as needed. I demonstrated the work of this small machine in the video below ...


I found on the Internet the work of a real ship ropewalk:

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