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Pinky Schooner GLAD TIDINGS (1937)


Size: 77x64x15 sm (LxHxW), with stand

Scale: M1:24

Material: wood, metals, textile

Time: 1800 man/hours

Price: $ 3800

     The model was built from a KIT by the American manufacturer Model Shipways with the addition of expensive wood and non-ferrous metals. Completely replaced the blocks and scratch made the rigging. Particular attention is drawn to the sails, which are individually sewn according to the drawings. 1800 hours were spent on the production of this model. The vessel can also be scratch-built from drawings, which will increase the time needed for its building.

      Originating in 16th century Europe, the pinky received its name from its narrow, uplifted (pinked) stern. These sturdy, seaworthy craft ruled the New England fishing industry 1815-1840. Because of their stability and grace, many pinky schooners were built as pleasure boats in the late 1900s. 

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